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Inovar Floor - Malaysia
Technical > Functions of the Component
  1. Highly Anti-Abrasive Protective Overlay
    The anti-abrasive overlay consist of millions of aluminium oxide particles per square foot which resist scuffing, scratches and wear. This is the 4th hardest man made material.
  2. Melamine Impregnated decorative film
    The decorative layer is impregnated with melamine resin and is available in various colours and designs.
  3. CoreGuard - Superior Water & Termite Resistant high density hardwood fibre board (HDF)
    The high density wood fibreboard is made from tropical hardwood fibres compressed under high temperature and pressure. Tropical wood has excellent water and termite resistant making it suitable for use as core material in laminate flooring. This gives Inovar laminate flooring superior water & termite resistant properties. The higher density of HDF (>850 kg/m3) gives the flooring better stability when laid using the underlay system.
  4. Balancing Film for dimension
    The bottom layer balancing firm provide good dimensional stability to the board preventing it from warping. Impregnated with melamine resin, it acts as a moisture barrier for the board.
  5. Nova Clic
    The state-of-the-art interlocking system acquired from Germany has high precision & superb locking mechanism that creates a strong & seamless joint for excellent aesthetic value apart from prevention of water seepage. Mechanical joint strength is in excess of 6800 N (700 kg/m) under stress test.
  6. Waxguard Plus
    Applied using the latest and enhance vacumat technology Waxguard Plus forms a layer of paraffin over the interlocking joint hence reducing 'squeking' sound under pressure and improved water resistant.
  7. SilentPro
    Is a layer of 1.6mm EVA sheet glued to the bottom of the board to improve sound absorption hence making it suitable for commercial floor application.
Inovar Floor - Malaysia
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