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Inovar Floor - Malaysia
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Inovar is Malaysia's No 1 brand for Laminate flooring. It has been laid in over 300 mass housing projects over the last 10 years. With its superior quality of products and service, Inovar Floor provides a pleasant overall experience throughout your flooring makeover. To fulfill market demands, Inovar Floor continues to innovate more variety of product range to suit your homes. Our innovation of Nano Shield Anti Bacteria Flooring provides not only good looking flooring but also a healthier living environment for your family. At Inovar Floor, we believe in inventing the future today. With your support, we will continue to come out with the latest innovations to become the Better Floorcoverings Solution Provider. Currently, we offer the following ready-made product lines:

The World's MOST POWERFUL Nano Flooring (12mm)
Kills germs and pollutants up to 99.9% effectiveness within seconds. 24/7 Non-Stop Self-Sanitizing & Self-Deodorizing Flooring. Non-toxic & with indefinite lifespan.
Premium Long Planks
The epitome of laminate flooring. With wider and longer plank size, it is perfect for large areas with minimum joints. EIR textured surface finish provide the feel and look beyond our imagination.
A True Beauty to Represent You
Prima Series brings out your personality. A showcase of innovation and design to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your home.
A Captivation of Strength And Durability (12mm)
Well defined groove lines expressing the beauty of natural timber look. It resonates the authenticity of vintage floor that captivates fond memories of kampung homes.
A Touch of Natural Charm (8mm)
Famili Series made affordable with a special density core board. It is to provide every place a better environment.
A Dedication in Craft of Robustness(12mm)
The thicker 12mm board provides a strong foundation in support of our body weight. Minimizing the board movement underfoot, TrafficZone series is widely recommended for larger space. With embossed texture, the stronger grains enhance the natural character of solid timber floor.
A Synergy of Revolutionary Enchantment (8mm)
A timeless design to begin with. It maintains the origin of pure laminate look and feel. It never fail to impress with its originality and naturality

Inovar Floor laminate flooring is used in Malaysia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA. The worldwide usage is testimony of its suitability to different climates and cultures. Pamper your senses today with Inovar Floor laminate floorboards.

Inovar Floor - Malaysia
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